Looking for a Job

I am a motivated and ambitious university student in my penultimate year, currently seeking employment opportunities. As I am currently finishing my penultimate year of studies, I have the flexibility and availability to commit to a full-time position


I'm currently studying Cybersecurity at Astana IT University, where I have gained knowledge and experience in network security, cryptography, ethical hacking, and risk management. I have also honed my skills in front-end development using frameworks such as React and Next.js, and I particularly enjoy working with TypeScript. Additionally, I have a strong interest in C++ and have completed several personal projects using this language. Also I took multiple courses about networking and hardware in CISCO.

I have taken many courses such as:
  CISCO - Cybersecurity
  CISCO - Computer Organisation and Architecture
  CISCO - Computer Networks 
  Hackerrank - JS Intermediate. Also like solving tasks on Leetcode
  GOOGLE DEVELOPER - Android Camp. Development on Kotlin (Java)
 Link to Certificates  

I'm looking for a job at a company where I can work with a team of friendly and talented individuals who share my passion for using modern programming languages and approaches. As someone who is well-versed in the latest technologies such as React and Next.js, I'm looking to collaborate with like-minded professionals who value innovation, creativity, and continuous learning. In addition, my background in cybersecurity and knowledge of networking, as well as my experience with TypeScript and C++ give me great opportunity to work with different codebases and create modern, unique, well-implemented solutions to problems.