Software Engineer

+7 (708) 866-64-59


I am a developer. I have experience designing and building web applications using the latest technologies and standards. I like to work in a team, communicate with people and learn new things.

What I can do for you


I am well versed in data structures and algorithms, can work with databases, can write unit tests and much more.

Web Development

I can develop modern and responsive web applications using React, Next.js with both pages/app dir's, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS and other relevant technologies.

Node.js development in Typescript

I'm pretty good at programming, I know how to work with Express,, SQL and NoSQL databases. I don't use any and @ts-ignore. I write and test production code(Jest, Tap, Mocha).

C++ 17/20

I like C++, I can implement patters, build architecture(MVC/MVVM), work with Boost, threads, math ✨.

Servers, hosting, linux

I can deploy a server on a VPS or hosting, install the necessary software and configure it on Linux.